Black Friday!

刘学 | diary | 2014-09-04

2011-11-19  weather not bad

  Today is Saturday. But I am talking about yesterday , Friday. At first, I was feeling that it should have to be a nice day. Because it was raining at the time when the last lesson was over.Bullshit! I 

  Oh no! I learned Japanese and forgot to write blog!!!!!!! OMG!

  The day before yeasterday I bought an I9100 from Zhonghua Guangchang. It cost me 3270¥.Black <wbr>Friday!

  But it use fluently. I like it . At the begining, I was planning to buy this phone at Haiyin Guangchang. But when I approached to it, it had been closed! Damn it! So we reached to Zhonghua.What's worse is that it was hard to get a bus!!!Black <wbr>Friday!

  When we was back to dormitory, it was almost 11.

  At last, thanks Weiren who came with me and show me the route!Black <wbr>Friday!

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